January 23, 2018 | 9:35 pm

Facing the new year is about mindsets.

Making resolutions is a lovely gesture, but unless you have steely determination, scribbling down “Lose 5kg”, “Write that novel I’ve been planning for 15 years” or “Take out a 12-month subscription to Very Interesting” in your journal is a waste of effort.

Now, while we haven’t brought in Oprah as a guest editor to get you screaming and raving about being able to, like, believe and achieve – don’t bother looking under your seats, there are just cobwebs there – we have thought it worthwhile to include some thought-provoking material that would give you some perspective on possibilities in 2017.

There is, for instance, the possibility that you may be a superhero. Yes, you. Happily, there is no need for you to wear your underpants on the outside or face your fear of heights, as your superpower may be lying around in your DNA, awaiting discovery. Read more about it in Are you a genetic superhero? on page 16.

Speaking of a fear of heights, many travellers need psychological support every time they board an aircraft. How safe is your plane?, on page 28, shows you the strenuous tests these machines have to undergo before take-off. You’ll feel better.

The rat race is, for city dwellers, apparently inescapable, and our Are cities affecting our mental health? feature doesn’t offer any solutions to that conundrum. But it does give you a window into what the pressures of city life may be doing to you, and forewarned is forearmed – if you recognise yourself in the text, take action!